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We have already received the “Clean & Safe” seal from the national authorities, as we respect all the rules and recommendations of the health system in relation to COVID 19.

What is included in our prices

This insurance includes all damages done by the Client. although we have an Excess.
The value varies between € 800 and € 3000 depending on the car category.
This insurance protects the Client from the car theft , being the responsability of the client limited to the amount of the Excess. All Client’s belongings are not included.
The first extra driver is free, the other extra drivers cost a adicional 10€ per rental.
All taxes are included.
The assistence works 24H and is free of charge, however we can charge in some situations. (Ex: if the cliente leave the lights on and the batery is off, we charge the deslocation to recharge the batery).
You just need to drive and have a happy vacations, the kilometers are free.

What is not included in the price

The SCDW permits the reduction of the excess for a low value, however it costs the client an extra amount per day. (Ex: Group A, Excess of 800€, client pays 9€/day reduces the excess to 200€)
Delivery and Collect has an extra cost, depending of the location. Varies between 15€ until 45€
When buying this option you don’t have responsibility in any damage except on tires and Losses Keys, anyway is necessary a valid credit card, for this items…
Any time that the customer decides to deliver the car at a diferent place than the pick-up place, it has additional costs
If you want delivery and collection of the car out of hours it has an extra cost.
Aeroport (20H until 23H30 – 20€; 23H30 until 08H – 30€), Others Locations including the Office (18H30 until 20H – 15€; 20H until 23H30 – 20€; 23H30 until 08H – 30€)

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